Hauling, Launching, Transport

Hauling and Launching within a 100 Mile Radius

Seasonal Services

Coordinated services with professionals to help prepare your boat for the season or for storage.

Specializing in Sailboat Services

Mast Stepping and Striking; Rigging Service; Wooden Boat Expertise

We specialize in sailboats, have a full schedule, and do not generally take requests for power boat services and storage.

Our trailers are not configured for large power boats.

We will transport small power vessels for local hauls when our trucks would create less pollution than any other hauler.

We will also transport work boats and boats with electric motors when our schedule allows.

Hauling, Launching & Servicing

Pecks’ Boats has been in operation for over 70 years hauling, launching, and servicing boats. Give us a call at 508-428-6956 to discuss your specific requirements, or use the form below.

Boat and Trailer Storage

Storage Contract

Pecks offers boat and trailer storage including self-service options that allow you to work on your own boat.  The storage component of the boatyard is the first that we plan to convert to a cooperative structure, so we’re scaling back on short term storage options while we reorganize. 

Spring Services

Printable Service Form

Please print, fill in, sign, and send our comprehensive Printable Service Form to help us help you get off to a good start for your boating season. We aim for transparency, so check out our price list, online for your convenience. You can also send an email to pecksboats@outlook.com to order services. 

Pecks' Boats

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