Meet the gang…

Ormonde O'Carroll

Ormonde O’Carroll
An Irish immigrant, Ormonde O’Carroll grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma. B.A. Philosophy ’76, Honor Roll student, he first sailed back to Ireland in ’77 on a leaky old 42’ Alden yawl. She was followed by a 47’ Laurent Giles wooden ketch and a 50’ dragger he rigged for shrimping in SC. In ’83 he got his 100 Ton Captain’s license and also the Robert Clark 47’ sloop, Querida. He sailed Querida alone for decades, summered here and wintered in New Orleans via the Windward and the Yucatan Passages. He purchased an unfinished 80’ steel schooner (documented 78’ 11’’ she measures 80’) in ’87, and in the 90’s Ormonde had a hydraulic trailer in St. Augustine, FL, and got his Class A CDL. He sold his ranch in ’01 and bought three more vessels, two 85 footers and another 80 footer with the intention of using them in the Caribbean inter-island trade after rigging them to sail and installing variable pitch or feathering props. Working Sail has been, in a worldly sense, Ormonde’s life’s work. Ormonde rigged all of these large prototypes for sail and made offshore passages with all of them. They exceeded every expectation.

Michael O'Carroll

Michael O’Carroll

Michael O’Carroll of Dartmouth, MA, was born in New Bedford and is 29 years old. Home-schooled, he grew up in boatyards and at Malario, his father’s sawmill in Florida, a full-size Caterpillar powered mill with a carriage on rails, where he was operating a boom truck swinging around Cypress logs at the age of 10. He also learned to drive in North Florida boatyards at an early age and he knows that Rule One is Keep The Rubber Side Down and Don’t Hurt People or Break Stuff.  Mike has is officially in charge of Rocco, who handles boatyard rodent patrol (see bio below).  Mike also has quite a bit of experience with 100 to 150 ton vessels, sail & power. His own sailboat is a 27’ Irwin. Mike has his own DBA, Mike’s Maritime Services, and is a prime example of the kind of independent contractor we want to attract to Pecks’ Maritime Collaborative. Developing a working relationship with Mike has helped us envision dynamic relationships for building services offered at the boatyard.

Two black cats

Rocko & Wally

Rocko and Wally joined Pecks’ Maritime Collaborative in the winter of 2020, coming from a home where they were much loved by their human but much envied by a cat with seniority.  Their transition to boatyard life was made easy by their assignment to rodent patrol, which has kept them busy and won them the appreciation of everyone who has tried to keep food at the boatyard.  They are unusually affectionate and have shown themselves to be not only terrific mousers, but also adept at discovering and exposing lose items that need attention around the store and shop areas. Although Wally wandered off in the Spring of 2021, we have not given up hope that he may some day find his way back to us. In the mean time, Rocco enjoys being thoroughly spoiled by the rest of the crew.