Pecks’ Boats, Inc. 2023 -2024 Price List                            PMC Pricing/Non-PMC


EMERGENCY SERVICES: (508)280-8749 – Double Regular Charges Weekdays; Weekends & Holidays, Triple Regular Charges


Haul, launch, transport Powerboat (per foot cost, on our trailer or yours)  9.00/11.00 + mileage
Haul, launch, transport Sailboat (per foot cost, on our trailer or yours) 10.00/11.50 + mileage
Mileage – Round trip from PBI, per mile 5.00/5.56
Minimum mileage charges 50.00/55.60
Other Hauling Fees
As a step toward creating a consumer and employee owned
marine services cooperative, we have added more “a la carte” charges to our service list rather than increasing our overall hauling prices.  We expect to be able to lower our prices by reducing our overhead as we add work, barter, and volunteer options for cooperative and collaborative members while staying competitive for non-members.
Up-charge for haul or launch at Hospital Ramp, Hyannis, and Woods Hole ramp 50.00/55.60
Minimum charge for over-sized load (permits extra, if required) 100.00/111.11
Local route check (add mileage over 10 miles RT) 50.00 
Shoring (Placement on PBI stands, per stand) 35.00/38.89
Transport your stands with haul, per stand 10.00/11.11
Transport dinghy with haul 35.00 minimum
Difficult placement that stresses equipment & slows procedures By job, generally $50 – $150
In-yard move at  PBI – regular per foot rate (power/sail) no mileage
Mast and Crane Services
Crane work (mileage not included) Truck & 1 operator (per hour; minimum 1 hour; increments of 15 minutes) 150.00/166.67  + mileage
Minimum charge for work done from Bosun’s Chair – Hourly- 2 Men 200.00/222.22
Crane mast to or from ground, saw horses, etc. (no rigging; extra charges if over 1hr) 150.00/166.67
Hand step or strike small mast 175.00
Step/strike single spreader mast with crane (assumes owner handles rigging; rigging help charged hourly if needed) 200.00/222.22
Step/strike double spreader mast, mast with radar, etc. with crane (assumes owner handles rigging; rigging help charged hourly if needed) 250.00/277.77
Extra charges will apply if masts are not prepared for crane work ahead of mast step or strike.
Transport mast separately from boat 100.00 to 150.00   + mileage
Charge for scheduled extra mast & rigging work  (per hour; 15 min. increments) 120.00/133.33
Minimum up-charge to crane over-sized masts 100.00/111.11
Minimum up-charge for weekend & holiday, per job 100.00/111.11
Strike/step + transport + unload package (average masts; ad $50 for oversized) 400.00 + mileage
Minimum charge to remove boat from trailer for service work and return to trailer when painted 80.00/88.88
Shrink Wrap Services – because of environmental concerns, we no longer provide shrink wrap services and do not allow boats stored at Pecks’ Boats, Inc. to be shrink wrapped for single season storage. Customers may tarp or cover their own boats, or PBI will tarp, monitor, and store covering for the going cost of shrink wrapping. We reserve the right to require you to tarp your own boat. We plan to establish a committee to research options and offer low cost covers through bulk purchases as a cooperative.
Storage Services  

IMPORTANT STORAGE NOTE: We are a storage and service company, and having storage customers use our services is essential for covering the overhead for the equipment and property.  We cannot keep our trucks and equipment running if we do not use them.  Customers who abandon boats are depriving us of much more than the income for the storage.  They are depriving us of a relationship with a paying customer who would use other services or become part of our cohort. Also, having any boat in the yard on uncertain terms creates a bottleneck when it comes to planning. For these and other reasons, boats abandoned in the yard will be charged the full storage package at the start of each storage season, and the monthly rate simultaneously throughout the dates of their abandonment. 


Outdoor storage package, by the square foot,  LOA x widest measurement. Package includes storage any portion Sept. – June, haul, Prince Cove mileage, power wash, shoring, and spring launch before 6/30/22 6.05 / 8.00 sq. ft.
Pro-rated extension of storage for boats launched after June 30, before July 30. (per day, per square foot)


.06 / .07 sq. ft./day

Storage outdoors, per square foot, on a monthly basis (for one month, or any part thereof) 1.60/ 2.12 sq. ft.
Summer storage –  two for one July & August if paid by June 1, by square foot 1.60/ 2.12 sq. ft.
Weekly storage fees-per square foot if paid in advance .50/.66
Daily storage-per square foot, for storage paid in advance .25.33
Outboard engine storage,  indoors (does not include removal or installation) 100.00
Mast Storage on ground or sawhorses (customer supplies suitable sawhorses) – by quote depending on placement, minimum square foot pricing at length of mast x 3′  –  Square foot storage pricing
Yard Services
Prep & paint bottom at PBI (per foot, one coat; assumes minimal prep), paint, unless otherwise requested: Pettit Hydrocoat Eco 12.00 + paint and materials
Prep & paint bottom off premises (as above), paint, unless otherwise requested: Pettit Eco Hydrocoat 13.00 + paint and materials
Miscellaneous paint supplies <22′ (including tape, brushes, trays, and rollers) 10.00/
Miscellaneous paint supplies >22′ (including tape, brushes, trays, and rollers) 15.00
HazMat Disposal 5.00 – 15.00+
Cleaning and Detailing Services
Power wash sailboats -$6.00 per foot (only at PBI; available for Prince Cove hauls; must be scheduled with haul) Bottom only. Difficult configurations may incur extra charges. 6.00
Power wash power boats -$7.00 per foot (only at PBI; available for Prince Cove hauls; must be scheduled with haul) Bottoms only. Difficult configurations may incur extra charges. 7.00
Yard services: clean and wax, compound, general cleaning, bright work, removal of gear, per hour 95.00 + materials
Mechanical Services Provided by PBI
Mechanical Services and Sailboat Rigging per hour (does not include parts) 120.00 + material
Winterize OB: Run OB; Flush cooling system & stabilize fuel system; Check motor oil and change if needed; Change lower unit oil; Lubricate bracket & linkages.  $120 per hour + materials
Used Boat Stands: Sales (when available), Service & Rental 
Used sailboat stands (Brownell 0, 1, 2, 3) 200, 175, 150, 125
Used motorboat stands (Brownell 0, 1, 2, 3) 150, 125, 100, 90
Rentals: per stand, per: day/week/month//with blocking (cash deposit required) 15/25/30//20/30/35
Grease stands, includes grease, per stand if not frozen (please order with haul) 10.00/11.11
Deliver to/from mooring, Cotuit / Ropes (East/West Bay+$50.00 – $100.00 depending on location)
Core Charge (added to battery when a core (old battery) is not returned at time of purchase. 15.00 or distributor cost
Charge for time spent waiting for customer or unscheduled service work (per hour) 150.00/166.
Scheduled Weekend/Holiday up-charge, per job 100.00/111.11
Remove or install small outboard engine (depends on weight) 35.00-60.00